Open-source technology for 21st-century science

We build and design a fully integrated information landscape using open, safe, accurate, “Wikipedia-like” sharing and linking of models to take open science to the next level.


A common set of terms used to describe scientific observation in a flexible and shareable way, without ambiguity.  

Data & models

Actionable, web-based data and scientific models that ensure human and machine adherence to the FAIR principles for data from diverse scientific fields.  

Software stack

To simplify the task of semantically describing, coding, and distributing data and models for end users, modellers, and network administrators.

Artificial intelligence to drive knowledge integration 


Our AI-powered technology holds the key to a future where wide and intuitive integration and use of knowledge is possible, enabling decision-making to automatically benefit from the best scientific data, models, and understanding.

Semantic modelling for sustainability


Discover specialized solutions for sustainability challenges with k.LAB-powered apps. Address environmental issues, enhance multidisciplinary collaboration, and contribute to our semantic modelling community with our technology and users’ expertise.

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Get in touch with our technical support team if you encounter any questions or issues while accessing or utilizing our technology. We are committed to promptly addressing your inquiries and ensuring a seamless experience for you.

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Knowledge integration is key towards achieving a sustainable planet. Join us to reach it faster.